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10m Projects - Receivers

Klik voor vergroting28,00 - 28,100 MHz RX IF 22,118 MHz by LY3LP


Klik voor vergroting28- 28,080 MHz RX by LY3LP


Klik voor vergroting28,00 - 28,100 MHz RX IF 22,118 MHz by LY3LP


28MHz Superregen by HS8JYX/AG6BD
Superregenerative receivers offer high sensitivity, with a very simple circuit when compared to a superhet. Their main limitations lie in the relatively low selectivity, and the superregenerative hiss produced.

Klik voor vergrotingTBA120 Receiver by SMØVPO
Here is a nice little receiver for narrow-band FM reception. It can also be used to receive FSK, RTTY and PACKET signals from the HF bands. The receiver can be tuned to almost any frequency from 100KHz up to 120MHz.

Klik voor vergrotingTDA7000 for NBFM by SMØVPO
For some months I have been nursing the thought of making a "universal receiver": a receiver that can be used from DC to light, or something like that.

Klik voor vergrotingTDA 7052 28MHz receiver by LY3LP
27 May, with 5meter wire, heard LA3G? SP...

10m Projects - TRX

Klik voor vergroting2 transistor transceiver for 28MHz CW by G3XBM
This afternoon I built what is probably just about the simplest CW transceiver possible for use on 10m. Based on my XBM80-2 design for 80m, this is essentially the same circuit redone for a 28.060MHz fundamental crystal.

Klik voor vergrotingChirpy - an Ultra Simple 2 Transistor 28MHz CW Transceiver by G3XBM
This is probably the simplest CW transceiver possible for use on 10m. Based on my XBM80-2 design for 80m, this is essentially the same circuit redone for a 28.060MHz fundamental crystal.

Klik voor vergrotingThe FPqrp Club miniPIG-10 by W8DIZ
This project came about when FP#2, Rick WB6JBM made the comment "we should have a club project to build". A ten meter rig seemed to fit the bill as Rick had no 10 meter capabilities.

Klik voor vergrotingA Homebrew 10 Meter transceiver by NB6M
What started out as a simple VXO experiment has snowballed into the building of a complete 10 Meter QRP CW Transceiver. The rig tunes from 28.001 through 28.088 MHz.

Klik voor vergrotingTenner 10m CW Transceiver by G3XBM
The Tenner is a small 500mW CW rig for 10m. It uses the OXO circuit for the transmitter and an SBL1 based direct conversion receiver on receive. TX-RX offset is around 600-800Hz when the key is pressed, so no special RIT circuit is included.

Transceiver DSB 28 Mhz de F6FEO
J'ai toujours rêvé de construire un transceiver DSB, mon rêve est réalisé!
Avec un peu de propagation et une antenne digne ce ce nom, une puissance de 3 W doit permettre d'atteindre des contrées éloignées.


10m Projects - TX

Klik voor vergroting28,096MHz mini beacon by LY3LP
This one can be heard well within 5 meters.

Klik voor vergroting28 MHz 1w QRP transmitter by LY3LP
Nice emitter manipulation of the T1. T1-T3 any 150mc transistor. T4 is 1w, or two 2n2222 in parallel. T50-6 rings, perpendicular. If more power needed one can connect NB6M QRP "gallon".

Klik voor vergroting29MHz all tube NBTV transmitter by PAØKLS
Three photographs and circuit diagram of Klaas Robers' 10 watt, 29 MHz all tube NBTV transmitter, as published in NBTV Newsletter Vol.29 No.2.

Klik voor vergrotingAMA-TIRI by PY2OHH
After the success of the CANARINHO, CURRIRA and the CURUMIM we decide to build a QRPp transmitter, now for 10m . This is the AMA-TIRI.

Klik voor vergrotingCW/AM Transmitter by SMØVPO
The 27MHz radio control receiver project and the proportional R/C encoder/decoder project were created many years ago. The transmitter portion has never been published.

Klik voor vergrotingJones Transmitter by DK3BI
The first time I came across this circuit was in 1964 when I read the book "Simple Radio Control" by H.G. Hundleby. It was called the "Aeromodeller" Transmitter and was a free running oscillator without a crystal.

10m Projects - Amplifiers

Klik voor vergrotingTen Watt Linear Amplifier by SMØVPO
This article describes a 10 watt linear amplifier that is capable of delivering over 15 watts into 50 ohms and uses cheap plastic transistors that are used in CB equipment.

10m Projects - Antennas

10m 3 element yagi by G4EZT
This antenna is made by ZX-yagi. It has 3 elements on a 3.4 metre long boom fed by a Gamma match.

10m Bent attic Yagi by KE4UYP
This is a horzontally polarized three Element Yagi. The bent Elements cause very little performance lose.
When you consider it is only 8ft. 5" wide and 7ft. 6" long and still has 6.2dbi gain and 20db front to back ratio.


Klik voor vergrotingA compact 2 element beam for 10M by EI9GQ
During a visit to a local garden centre, I bought a pack of 6ft bamboo rods. Armed with just a couple of rolls of sticky tape, some fibreglass rod, cable ties and the pack of bamboo, I set about building a beam for 10M.

A Hanging Rectangular Loop Antenna by KT4QW
This page describes a rotatable hanging loop antenna that has been specifically designed for hanging in a tree... Horizontally polarized with a broad azimuth pattern and gain of nearly 3dB over a simple horizontal dipole!

Klik voor vergrotingBuild Notes for a 10 Meter Moxon Antenna by MØMRR
I live in a typically overpopulated English town. Our back garden is very small - measuring approx. 25ft X 35ft. Neighbours are side to side and to our rear. Putting up a large antenna is just not possible.

Klik voor vergroting10m Aluminium Moxon Construction by MØMRR
I found the plan to build the aluminium Moxon via the Moxon Project web site. As I had very good results with a wire Moxon put together from telescopic fishing poles and wire I thought I would make something a bit sturdier.

A Light and Sturdy Quad for 10 and 15 meters by KA3PDM & W3/CE3VU
Fishin' for DX? A few fishin' poles and a hank of wire can help you snag the Big One!

A Simple Nondirectional Antenna for Ten Meters by W7AYB
There are several reasons why a ham whose chief interest lies in the ten-meter band may not want to or cannotput up a rotatable beam. Such an antenna is expensive, it requires a sturdy support, many consider it an eyesore, ...

Klik voor vergrotingThe HF Satellite Antenna by W4SAT
This is a no compromise dual band antenna. Instead of using traps, this design interlaces two separate antennas on one boom. This is a full size, four element beam on 10, and three elements on 15 meters!

Klik voor vergrotingThree-Element Antenna for 28 MHz by DF9CY
The 3 element is a commercial antenna by PAN International, which I slightly modified for good performance on the 10m Amateur-Radio band. Design Frequency: 28.300 MHz.

Two on 10 by AA1DO
Hankerin’ for more performance on 10 meters? Wanna greet the upcoming sunspot peak with gusto? This home-brew two-element beam is the perfect introduction to rolling your own gain antenna.

Klik voor vergrotingUne antenne 10 mètres pour station portable
Une pensée particulière à nos amis "ON3" lors de la confection du prototype de cette antenne, on vient de leur attribuer la bande des 10 mètres. Idéale pour le 28 MHz QRP ( 10 watts maximum ), parfaite pour le trafic en portable par sa facilité d’implantation.


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