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Papa System Ref12
PAPA System D-Star Reflector 12
The PAPA System is 22 inter-linked
analog and digital D-Star repeaters, providing extensive coverage from
the Mexico border to North of Santa Barbara, and from the Arizona
border to out into the Pacific Ocean.

DStar Ref dcs007
Live stream !
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D-STAR X-Reflectors 008-055
HamRadio D-STAR streaming of Xreflectors 008-055

Listen to the 448.375,440.200, and 147.300 Amateur Radio Repeaters covering Long Island and NYC as well as New Jersey. 448.375 is in Brooklyn, 440.200 is located in the Bronx and 147.300 is located in Brooklyn New York. Echolink node is 297388.

GB7OK & GB3OK amateur radio repeaters from Bromley, South East London. - GB7OK (D Star) repeater has priority but, when there is no activity GB3OK will automatically take over. GB7OK can be identified by short high pitched beeps and very clear audio

Oregon Connection joins the Rogue Valley Linking Association (RVLA) and the Oregon Repeater Linking Group (ORLG). Designed to provide you a single resource to use one of the largest repeater linking systems through N. CA, Most of Oregon and S. WA.

Mac Pass Repeater Group System Audio Feed Repeaters in Montana, New Mexico, California, Georgia and Ohio

DSTAR Repeater.
Right D-Star
refl. 18 NA
PI3RAZ -->


De volgende kanalen zijn te beluisteren:

16: International emergency channel 21: Scheveningen 67: Search and Rescue operating channel






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