17m - PA7MU

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(TXR)2007 Project Objective. Build a 17M QRP SSB Transceiver using standard Computer Crystals for the Filter and VXO.based on work and designs done by Ron Taylor G4GXO
see B-Diagram

The BITX17A by Hendricks QRP Kits is a 17 meter band PCB realization of the original BITX20 design which includes a parts kit so you don't have to locate all the necessary components. In addition, several upgrades have been added to make the transceiver output cleaner and to raise power output to the full QRP limit of 10 watts.

K8IQY has now developed the "4017" to enable QRP CW ops to easily get on the exciting 17m WARC band with a simple-yet-  performance-oriented design.K8IOQ 4017 TXV by NJQRP Club

(NL)BITX17 by PA2RF Om de amateurs in India aan DX erbindingen te helpen is de BITX oorspronkelijk ontworpen voor de 20m band. Door de VFO frequentie en afgestemde kringen te veranderen heb ik deze radio geschikt gemaakt voor de 17m.

(TX) 18.1MHz spot frequency CW transmitter of 1 W.It features class-C push-pull power amplifier followed by
two-stage LPF with 3rd order harmonic trap.

(TX) a 1-watt 17-meter cw transmitter that was
originally done about 10 years ago...KB9II

(ANT) 3 El.Monoband By IK4DCS classical 3-element yagi for 18 Mhz.

An Hexagonal Beam in 3 hours..As this antenna was new to me,  I got a few of these stations to rotate their beams so I could see the front-to-back ratio.
by EI7BA

(ANT)AE6AC 17 meter Moxon.Steve Hammer K6SGH introduced me to the Moxon Wire Beam antenna last year in 2004...
by AE6AC

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