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Introducing the CrankIR Vertical!

Gepubliceerd door marc PA7MU in New equipment · 2/2/2013 21:30:48
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Introducing the CrankIR Vertical!

A lightweight, high performance, extremely portable vertical antenna rated at 2000 watts key-down with fully manual operation (no electrical power or controller required); Patented folded design allows for 40% reduction in size with only a 0.3dB reduction in performance compared to a full length vertical
Note: The information below is all we have at this time – look for more data as the product is finalized… we will update as soon as possible on the website when we have new information.

CrankIR 40m-2m Vertical
(shown mounted on a folding work bench)
Imagine the possibilities!
Lightweight and extremely portable, the CrankIR is also a great option for stealth installations (CC&R) or for the ham that is on a budget.
Install and break down in minutes!
Continuous coverage on all frequencies within specified range
Simple operation – change bands with a turn of the crank
2000 watt power rating
Patented folded design allows for 40% shorter element with only 0.3dB reduction in gain compared to a full length vertical
Ideal for DXpeditions, hiking, Field Day, boating or home QTH use
No controller or electric power required – fully self contained manual operation
20m – 2m CrankIR weighs approximately 5.5 lb; telescoping support is 9 ft when fully extended, retracts to 26″
40m – 2m CrankIR weighs approximately 8.5 lb; telescoping support is 18 ft when fully extended, retracts to 30″
80m – 2m version will be available; more information as we develop it
Available Spring 2013 –
check our website for updates!

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