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New Tranceiver by Icom the IC-F8100 HF Land mobile

Gepubliceerd door PA7MU in New equipment · 22/4/2013 16:59:18
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IC-F8100 HF Transceiver features

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A New Dimension for HF Land Mobile Radio

Primary use for Federal Government or Export Only. This product is not FCC approved for general use within the United States.

Three versions for versatile configuration
125W of output power with high duty cycle operation
Fanless, enclosed structure and compact body
ALE and selcall capabilities
Tested to IP54 and MIL-STD-810 G
Rock Solid Basics:
ALE (Automatic Link Establishment)
ALE is a system which automatically selects the most suitable channel and establishes a communication link. The ALE provides interoperability with other manufactures compliant with the FED-STD-1045A ALE. ALE individual call, net call, sounding and AMD (Automatic message display) are available.

Selcall (Selective calling)
The IC-F8100 offers CCIR493 based 4 and 6 digit open selcall which is commonly used in HF network and 4 and 6 digit Icom F7000 compatible selcall system. Selcall allows you to make selective calling, phone call, message call, position call, status call, emergency call and channel test call.

Fanless, enclosed structure and compact body
The IC-F8100 has a fanless, enclosed structure securely sealed from intrusion by all potential elements and visibly more compact than the previous models. The IC-F8100, CFU-F8100 and AD-119 have been tested to MIL-STD-810-G and IP54 ratings. Also, most of connection cables and connectors employ IP54 water resistant sealing.

125W of powerful RF output
A full 125W output power at full duty cycle voice mode operation is possible with the fanless design. 25% duty cycle operation is possible at data mode operation (Max. 5 minutes of continuous transmission). However, when used with an optional external cooling fan unit, CFU-F8100, the IC-F8100 ensures full duty cycle data and voice mode operations to absolutely reliability during long continuous transmit cycles or for operation in hot climates.

A Benchmark for Ease and Convenience
User friendly operation
Despite the multitude of features, the IC-F8100 is designed for simple, straight forward operation. According to the operating status, the function ( P 1 – P 3 ) buttons change the assigned functions and show the assigned functions at the bottom line of the display.

Clear talk function
The clear talk function automatically reduces the noise and eliminates the need to be an expert operator at the touch of a button.

Mute functions
The IC-F8100 has 3 types of mute functions, call squelch, S-meter squelch and voice squelch. The call squelch function opens the squelch on when received a selcall or ALE call intended to the station and provides quiet standby.

Digital signal processor (DSP)
The DSP allows flexible filter width setting from wide, middle and narrow without an optional filter.

Three versions of controller configurations

IC-F8100 Kits
#01 RF unit with controller head, Microphone: HM-193, Mic. hanger kit
#02 RF unit, Remote controller head, Separation kit: RMK-6, Microphone: HM-193, Mic. hanger kit
#03 RF unit, Command microphone: HM-192, Mic.hanger kit for HM-192, Extension Mic. connector

External speaker: SP-25, DC power cable, spare fuses are supplied to all versions.

Various Accessories
The IC-F8100 allows you to connect with various accessories such as PC, HF data modem, GPS* and antenna tuner* via the AD-119 Junction Box.
*Antenna tuner/GPS cable (RF unit to AT-140 and a GPS receiver), USB cable (RF unit to PC) will be available soon.

GPS receiver connection
When connected an external GPS receiver, the IC-F8100 can send current position data to other station and shows position information, time, altitude and heading of movement on the display.

Data communications
When used with the optional Junction Box, AD-119, the AD-119 has an installation space to fit a high speed HF data modem.* It allows HF e-mail operation using a PC connected via RS-232C cable (9-pin).
* HF data modem is now under evaluation. Planned to be a recommended partner option.

So Many Features
Multiple operating modes (SSB, AM and CW) are supported
500kHz to 29.999MHz general coverage receiver (Transmit: 1.6MHz to 29.999MHz
500 memory channels
AT230 automatic tuning antenna available
±0.3ppm frequency stability (-30° to 60°C)
TX Power protection (PA unit high temperature, high SWR, low battery)
see pdf brochure
see Manuel Brochure

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